Class of 2017

Who am I? Who am I relation to you?
Who are you? How do you relate to me?
What happens when I become you?
What are the difference between you and I?

'Class of 2017' is a project based on these fundamental questions based on a specific group of people of UCLA DMA class of 2017. Challenging myself to become another and try to understand the other. By being in the other person’s shoe, I forget who I am and focus on who I am dressed up as. I feel liberated and free whenever I dress up as someone else. It is the time where I can forget about myself and act freely. Although it is just dressing up as someone else, the visual representation takes over the viewers and me to believe what I am. The process of dressing up and figuring out what goes best is quite entertaining. You become more creative on solving problems of how to become another being. So what does it mean to become the other? Am I trying to become the other by disguising as the other? The answer is no. I am not trying to become the other, I am trying to distinguish how different I am from becoming other people. It is the slight gap when it becomes interesting. When I feel the limit of becoming someone else, the limitation is the part where I found interesting.
The goal is not to become similar but to notice the differences.