Eye am there

'Eye am there' is a team project organized by SSMD (Sang Sang Madang) in the course 'Beautiful Coding' taught by Jongmin Lee.

Our brain relies on 70% percent on collecting data from vision.
That's how much we use our vision in our daily lives.
'Eye am there' is portraying how people in society rely 'too much' on vision and start to judge and feel towards others.
We pretend as if we don't stare at each other but we do and we unintentionally judge.
In this video we tried to portray the cynical side of how we see things (and how we see each other).

Kinect camera was used as a sensor for the viewer and the eye to interact: the pupil of the eye following the viewer, and when the viewer gets closer the eye shuts.
The program Processing was used to sense the movement of the viewer and play and stop the video and sound.