Sweeeeet Tableware

Material: Yeot (a traditional Korean dessert)
The project belongs to SUP (Seoul Utopia Project) and Alice Jung x Jiwon Choi

"Yeot" is a traditional Korean confection made with grains, without any artificial additives, which is served as a stick. Its natural flavor is rich and has been enjoyed as traditional dessert for centuries. Today, Yeot has been referred as “Grandma’s favorite candy” and found mostly in tourist attractions in Korea. The process of making Yeot is slow yet intricate; including cooking rice, fermenting rice for hours, boiling rice water for hours, and then stretching to turn it into a taffy.

The objective was to make Yeot into a playful and enjoyable set of tableware that almost glorifies its beautiful process. Yeot takes a few different shapes to be served in a completely new way: It has transformed into petite-sized bowls and plates to serve various kinds of Korean traditional desserts in the sweetest way.

White Yeot: giner and rice/ Brown Yeot: barley