The work examines stereotypes of Asian women and their portrayal in media. There are stereotypes wherever we go. It is unavoidable. When I become a stereotype of certain culture, I get offended (I try not to, but I do.) and I couldn’t help but become cynical about stereotyping culture especially in the Western society. Now that the president of my country, Trump, is an extreme racist, it is even more difficult to stand what is going on with stereotypes underpinning racism. I wanted to comment upon what the Western society superimposed onto representations of Asian women, specifically in pornography, video games, and animations, and how it affects everyday lives.
This is still an on-going project on a media platform called Instagram where photography is the main source. I dress up as a “stereotypical Asian woman” in multiple styles to reveal existing stereotypes of Asian women. My goal is to break stereotypes and misconceptions of Asian American women. I speak as a woman, but more specifically as an Asian American woman. Feminism isn’t all about theories applicable only to White women. Feminism should include different races, culture, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences.